About Us

Well, hasn't 2020 been a bonkers year!?
In times like these you really have to appreciate the small things in life wherever possible - like finding joy in cardboard boxes and the treats they hold inside!
Hi I'm Libby and Mini Mo & Mog was born out of a lockdown spent with my two mini's (Mo and Mog) who, having sent letters and parcels to friends and family to stay connected, would go crazy with excitement whenever they heard post hit the mat.
In my experience, nothing cheers up kids and their grown-ups more than receiving thoughtful parcels through the post and so I decided to curate a range of letterbox friendly gifts for you to send directly to your loved ones.
No 'sorry we missed you' cards, no post office queues, no annoying your neighbours
- just unique gifts, straight through the letterbox.
Sustainability is really important to me so a lot of the products you'll find here have been lovingly handmade and produced in-house but I also work with local Staffordshire-based artists, artisans and UK-based companies to bring you the most unique and special gifts.
Sustainability also means investing in quality yet gorgeous clothes for children that have the potential to be handed down and shared between siblings once they've been played in and grown out of, so we also sell a range of gender-neutral play clothes for you and your mini people to enjoy.
Less waste, more love.
Please tag us in your pics @minimoandmog on Instagram.