Celebration Hand Gel
Celebration Hand Gel
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Celebration Hand Gel

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Keep your mitts clean and free from germs with the Bubble T Hand Cleansing Gel in ‘Rainbow’. Formulated with 70% alcohol, the clear, watery gel kills 99% of bacteria and dries in mere seconds, leaving your hands soft and supple.

Contained within a refillable and recyclable bottle, perfectly sized to fit in your pocket or bag, this scented hand gel is an essential.

Sweet and fruity, the Rainbow-scented hand sanitiser unleashes a fragrant cocktail of fresh Oranges, Limes, Strawberries and Raspberries, leaving your hands smelling lush. A little goes a long way – pour a drop into your hands and massage until it evaporates. The formula won’t leave your hands feeling greasy or dry.

Free from parabens and SLS.