Hottea Mama - Get Up & Glow sample
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Hottea Mama - Get Up & Glow sample

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If you've ever wanted to try the Get Up & Glow, caffeine free, fruit tea from Hottea Mama you can.  With this individually wrapped sample and a discount code for your next order on their website.

When you need a boost, but caffeine is off the menu, this zingy fruit infusion tea for pregnancy glow, hits the spot.

Bursting with tropical tart, sweet flavours, it will have you energised and glowing in no time.  

With grapes as the base of this blend, you get a vitamin C boost and a gentle natural sugar lift.  It's the perfect way to replicate caffeine in the healthiest way possible.

Designed for pregnancy, but there's no reason you can't keep drinking it long past the fourth trimester.  And it's safe for breastfeeding too.

Vegan and gluten free, packed into a plastic free, biodegradable tea bag.