Hottea Mama - Night Owl Tea sample
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Hottea Mama - Night Owl Tea sample

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If you've ever wanted to try the Night Owl, caffeine free, relaxing, sleep aid tea, you can.  With this individually wrapped sample and a discount code for your next order at Hottea Mama.

This carefully balanced herbal blend of ingredients is renowned for calming the body and soothing the soul.

For all the late nights, early mornings and broken sleeps…this caffeine-free maternity tea blend of calming herbs will help ease you into the land of nod.  

Contains: Whole chamomile flowers, lavender, valerian root, lime flowers, rooibos and corn flowers.

If you're breastfeeding - try drinking it an hour before you do the final feed of the evening to give your little one some of its natural, sleepy goodness.

Vegan and gluten free, packed into a plastic free, biodegradable tea bag.